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Dlectricity Competition Entry

rogueHAA recently entered a competition for the upcoming DLECTRICITY festival. For two nights in October, the Woodward Corridor will be filled with light-based art, installations, and performances as invited artists and designers create site-specific work that will activate the evening streetscape. Our project proposal is currently under review but we should have a decision soon so stay tuned.

Below is an excerpt from the project statement:

LIGHT TERRAIN   Ignasi de Solà-Morales defines terrain vague as land in a “potentially exploitable state but already possessing some definition to which we are external,” or “strange places” that “exist outside the city’s effective circuits and productive structures.” Detroit is an often cited characterization of Sola-Morales’ concept, yet these “strange places” are typically understood as either unacceptable results of economic decay, or as sites of optimistically unrealistic potential, divorced from the realities that created them. Our installation seeks to bring a more nuanced approach to Terrain Vague that both recognizes the realities of urban vacancy while maintaining the possibility inherent within. By creating a space for interaction and conversation, our installation attempts to both literally and conceptually establish a provisional ‘ground’ for interaction among DLECTRICITY viewers that strikes a balance between planned and spontaneous, solid and void, architectural object and landscape. Continue reading

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In October 2009, Hamilton Anderson Associates presented the Detroit School of Arts at the Arts Schools Network Conference in Washington D.C.

Located in Detroit’s Midtown District, the Detroit School of Arts (DSA) is a progressive high school of choice, offering a dual-focus curriculum in the fine / performing arts and broadcast/media arts. The DSA brings an innovative educational approach to the Detroit Public School district, blending college prep within a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

The six-story building features many unique academic, performance and production spaces, including the 800-seat Ford Theater, a 20-seat recital hall, a black box theater, arts studios and galleries, as well as a vocal and instrumental music rehearsal rooms.  The Communications Production Center (CPC) houses two state of the art television production studios, WRCJ-FM Radio, and digital media editing suites.  The top-floor media center and dining hall spaces afford students expansive views of the city’s downtown skyline.  The innovative design was conceived and refined through close collaboration with specialty consultants, user groups and Detroit Public Schools.  Throughout the design process, all aspects of the site, building and the related systems and materials were considered and developed with a commitment to sustainability and integrated design.  As a result, the Detroit School of Arts was the first LEED certified building in the City of Detroit.

To download the complete slideshow as presented at the Arts Schools Network Conference, click here.

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QUESTIONS.  How should one design for children?  Should architects alter their design approach for projects with a 12 year old (and under) clientele?  These simple questions marked the beginning of HAA’s design process for the renovation and expansion of the Detroit Public Library Children’s Library.

POSITION.  After working through the project, HAA answered these questions with a modern design solution that empowers the intelligence of its primary users, the children.  The proposed space allows for introspective investigations; each child initiates vastly different experiences in various parts of the library.  Conversely, the proposed Detroit Children’s Library is also a social space, an armature for discovery that does not dictate specific responses, but provides opportunities for a wide range of collaboration and interaction. In effect, the proposed environment encourages the journey, where learning and social developments are associated with a thoughtful, compelling design. Continue reading

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