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QUESTIONS.  We began with questions that were simple, physical, and topographic.  How do we get down to the River?  Can we redefine the City’s relationship with its River?  Could water be here, between our toes, as well as headed toward our taps?  Can we create joy and utility in the same place?

PROJECT.  The project’s landscape, where the Grand River meets downtown Lansing, has been most valued in the city’s history by reserving it for industrial uses.  The River has been held away by walls, taken in, distributed, harnessed for power, and measured when necessary to keep us dry. 

In a shift of collective thinking mirroring a global trend, Lansing has reevaluated its River-City interface, now reserving it for immediate and intimate public use.  As part of that reassessment of values, the City has charged HAA’s team with the task of creating a new public riverfront along both sides of the Grand River between the Shiawassee Street Bridge and Ottawa Street.  To the west, the project meets the Accident Fund’s new corporate headquarters.  To the east, it interacts with the relocation of Lansing’s City Market.  On both sides, it connects to Lansing’s River Trail.

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