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Placement is pleased to announce that “THANKS FOR THE VIEW, MR. MIES” is finally available in print.  “Thanks For the View Mr Mies” is authored by Danielle Aubert, Lana Carver, and Natasha Chandani.  As previously displayed within the MIES Storefront space during the INSIDE LAFAYETTE PARK exhibition, the book includes photos, essays, and ephemera that look inside the lives of the current Lafayette Park residents.  The book is published by Metropolis Books, distributed by D.A.P., and will soon be available in all major bookstores around USA and Europe. Pre-orders on Amazon.

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DETROPIA OPENS IN DETROIT.  Rachel Grady and Detroit native, Heidi Ewing’s award-winning DETROPIA opens on September 14th at the Ren Cen 4.  This “beautiful and quietly devestating” cinematic tapestry chronicles the lives of several Detroiters trying to survive and make sense of what is happening to their city. 

“Detroit’s story has encapsulated the iconic narrative of America over the last century— the Great Migration of African Americans escaping Jim Crow; the rise of manufacturing and the middle class; the love affair with automobiles; the flowering of the American dream; and now . . . the collapse of the economy and the fading American mythos. With its vivid, painterly palette and haunting score, DETROPIA sculpts a dreamlike collage of a grand city teetering on the brink of dissolution. As houses are demolished by the thousands, automobile-company wages plummet, institutions crumble, and tourists gawk at the “charming decay,” the film’s vibrant, gutsy characters glow and erupt like flames from the ashes. These soulful pragmatists and stalwart philosophers strive to make ends meet and make sense of it all, refusing to abandon hope or resistance. Their grit and pluck embody the spirit of the Motor City as it struggles to survive postindustrial America and begins to envision a radically different future. ”  – by Caroline Libresco


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the ArchiCULTURAL SHIFT – Panel Discussion, SPACEBUSTER by Raumlabor Installation, and Exhibition for Detroit Design Festival

rogueHAA is pleased to announce their next event, The archiCULTURAL SHIFT.  As an integral component to the Detroit Design Festival, this event is comprised of an exhibition, panel discussion, and SPACEBUSTER by Raumlabor installation.  All components seek to address the following issues and aim to foster creative relationships between the architectural and informational technology design communities.

Historically, architecture has been understood, practiced, and theorized as the discipline of space – the designed manipulation and configuration of form, material and structure.  Evolving throughout the millennia, architecture has also been employed to identify and solve social conditions through the use of materials and spatial arrangements. 

In the last few decades, numerous design and architectural critics and theorists have identified cultural shifts within technological societies – from space-centered institutions to time-centered institutions, from material-based economies to information-based economies.

The expansion of publicly available information and the compression of time have affected all design practices, but none more so than the architectural profession.  Compared with other design fields, the prevalent architectural process – project creation, conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, permitting, construction coordination – appears extremely sluggish.  As practicing professionals, we have taken notice.  More importantly, the public and our clients have taken notice.  Our society continues to desire results in shorter amounts of time, often to the detriment of the design process and final product.  As our technological culture continues to shift toward accelerated means of production, will The Architect, one who practices a traditional space-based profession, become increasingly minimized?  Has the Architecture-of-Space become temporal, immaterial, and marginalized?  How can Architecture infiltrate the current information-driven social conditions prevalent within today’s society?  Are we on the precipice of an archiCULTURAL SHIFT?

All events will occur at The MIES Storefront,  1565 East Lafayette, Detroit.
A breakdown of the three day event is as follows: Continue reading

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Dlectricity Competition Entry

rogueHAA recently entered a competition for the upcoming DLECTRICITY festival. For two nights in October, the Woodward Corridor will be filled with light-based art, installations, and performances as invited artists and designers create site-specific work that will activate the evening streetscape. Our project proposal is currently under review but we should have a decision soon so stay tuned.

Below is an excerpt from the project statement:

LIGHT TERRAIN   Ignasi de Solà-Morales defines terrain vague as land in a “potentially exploitable state but already possessing some definition to which we are external,” or “strange places” that “exist outside the city’s effective circuits and productive structures.” Detroit is an often cited characterization of Sola-Morales’ concept, yet these “strange places” are typically understood as either unacceptable results of economic decay, or as sites of optimistically unrealistic potential, divorced from the realities that created them. Our installation seeks to bring a more nuanced approach to Terrain Vague that both recognizes the realities of urban vacancy while maintaining the possibility inherent within. By creating a space for interaction and conversation, our installation attempts to both literally and conceptually establish a provisional ‘ground’ for interaction among DLECTRICITY viewers that strikes a balance between planned and spontaneous, solid and void, architectural object and landscape. Continue reading

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 rogueHAA is pleased to announce the next event in its 2011-2012 panel discussion series: “Provocations: Challenging Detroit’s Design Discourse”

August 17, 2012
Panel Discussion: 7pm-9pm
Reception to follow
Art Effect Gallery
1420 E Fisher Freeway, Eastern Market, Detroit

ART, THE AVANT GARDE, AND THE REALITIES.  Historically, the role of art within the development of revitalization of cities can be seen cynically as one of unwitting accomplice to gentrification and complicit partner to the exploitation of creative capacity.  In this interpretation, art exists only for a moment as a noble avant garde, free of encumbrances before becoming instrumentalized by the very elements it sought to move beyond.  From past examples such as the South of Houston district in Manhattan (SOHO) and Southwark in London, to contemporary illustrations in places like Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, a leading edge of artists and other creative types begins to give way to something potentially more banal than the squalor and disinvestment that had previously existed.  This is a story we all know very well.

But what if art and other creative forces in Detroit could overcome this seemingly predetermined path?  Could the enormity of Detroit’s challenges, its collective resolve to address them, and its uniquely integrated blend of artists, designers, and allied professionals bridge a gulf that has contributed to the “punch line” results that emerged previously.  How might these groups actually leverage the knowledge base of one another to effect change, retain the integrity of their intellectual projects, and create a new model for collaboration that contradicts the implicit Darwinistic growth regime model so many attribute to “revitalization” in a capitalist economy?

To discuss these issues within the relationship between art, culture, design, and the revitalization of Detroit, we have convened a panel with diverse backgrounds and perspectives:

Philip Lauri – Detroit Lives!
Mike Han – Street Culture Mash
Jela Ellefson – Eastern Market
Oya Amakisi – Film, US Social Forum
Dan Kinkead – Moderator, rogueHAA Continue reading

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