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“Negro music has touched America because it is the melody of the soul joined with the rhythm of the machine. It is in two part time; tears in the heart; movement of the legs, torso arms and head. The music of the era of construction; innovating. It floods the body and heart; it floods the USA and its floods the world. The jazz is more advanced than the architecture. If architecture were at the point reached by jazz, it would be an incredible spectacle.”  – Le Corbusier

As a catalyst, the above quote ignited years of research, eventually leading to the development of Mike Ford’s University of Detroit Mercy Graduate Thesis, “Hip Hop Inspired Architecture.”   In short, the thesis established a framework for analyzing the developments of multiple cultural architectural styles and then assimilating these precedents within the proposed creation of a Hip Hop inspired architecture.  By first understanding the evolution of each cultural architecture separately, one perceives how Le Corbusier’s musings on music and architecture suggested the evolution from jazz towards a Hip Hop Culture.  While Le Corbusier should not be credited with laying the foundation of the Hip-Hop culture, his physical and theoretical works indirectly contributed both positively and negatively to the Hip Hop culture.  Within this body of research, Mike further explored the cultural and professional significance in implementing the Hip-Hop culture into the field of architecture.  Johann von Goethe said, “I call architecture frozen music.”  My thesis sought to freeze the most socially and culturally recognizable music in the world, Hip Hop. Continue reading

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SWEET JUNIPER! — EVENT 02 “Challenging Detroit: (Re)generating Urbanism”

lecturesHAA is dedicated to creating a broader creative discourse through open and collaborative dialogue. The program includes lectures and discussions throughout the year that will consider important contemporary design issues associated with the urban environment.

The initial program for 2009 will be “Challenging Detroit: (Re)generating Urbanism.” This program will provide an important platform for consideration of innovative, multidisciplinary strategies designed to help the city not only create reinvestment and redevelopment, but also begin to regenerate the social, economic and environmental attributes that define it. Now, more than ever, we need to come together to understand how we can effectively participate in the thoughtful, creative regeneration of Detroit.

While it is relatively unconventional for a professional design firm such as Hamilton Anderson Associates to create and coordinate a lecture program such as this, we feel that by leveraging our resources and interests in design, we may more fully establish a fertile exchange of ideas that helps to bridge the gap between the creative community and the community at-large.

The public is encouraged to attend these free events. Please return to rogueHAA for future dates and topics.

EVENT 02: Sweet-Juniper! : Jim Griffioen, Writer and Photographer

Jim Griffioen is a former corporate litigator turned writer, photographer, and stay-at-home dad. Every day thousands of people from around the world visit his website ( to read his thoughts on parenthood, contemporary culture, and the state of his adopted home of Detroit. Griffi oen’s photography has been featured in Harper’s, Vice, Landscape Architecture, New York, and CS Interiors among other publications. He has appeared on American Public Media’s The Story with Dick Gordon, CBC’s national arts and culture Program Q, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New

August 18
6pm Johanson Charles Gallery
1345 Division
Eastern Market

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