2016 CANstruction: Tetris

For nearly forty years, Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan has fought against hunger and under nourished communities. Through their many programs and partnerships, Gleaners distributes 79,000 meals a day, averaging 34.5 million pounds of food each year.

Hamilton Anderson Associates believes in the mission and vision of Gleaners, and in an effort to help advance their efforts, will participate in the 2016 CANstruction Donation Event. CANstruction is an event that raises awareness and resources to combat hunger. Partnered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Detroit and Kroger, Gleaners coordinates with metro-area design firms to build canned-food structures to go on display during Midtown’s Noel Night on Saturday, December 3.+

Afterwards, all cans raised go to Gleaners. Since the event’s inception in 1992, more than 25 million pounds of food has been collected.
HAA is excited to participate and work with an outstanding non-profit organization like Gleaners. This year’s theme was “ICONIC” and open to interpretation. What’s more iconic than one of our favorite games, Tetris?



2015 CANstruction

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Jack Nicholson - The Shining

This year, CANstruction, the community service charity of the Society for Design Administrations, challenged design teams to construct installations inspired by pop-culture film. We decided to create a movie screen. rogueHAA is an outlet for us to play with our work – to consider branding, media and pop-culture in the facilitation of the design discourse. The phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” appears in the pop-culture classic “The Shining”. Therefore, we have projected the iconic image of Jack Nicholson from this film.

rogueHAA is very grateful for the generous contributions from Kroger and to Gleaner’s Community Food Bank for hosting this event that contributes to such an important cause. We would also like to thank everyone who donated and helped make this design possible.

Check out the the finished product during Noel night Saturday, Dec. 5th at Wayne State University’s Welcome Center.

Learn more at canstruction.org.

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Detroit Design Festival – Celebration of Architecture + Fashion Show

CHROMA – Bridget Sullivan Designs with RogueHAA – Photographer: Lindee Robinson – Model: Chelsey Korte – Hair/MUA: Noel Fischetti

RogueHAA’s collaboration with Bridget Sullivan, a local fashion and textile designer, produced “Chroma,” a design combining tradition and technology with hand-sewn vintage fabrics and 3D printed pieces.  “Chroma” was the finale piece of Sullivan’s latest collection, which was presented at the Detroit Design Festival’s Eastern Market After Dark.  Sullivan and HAA used impressionist color blending, the fluidity of ballet movement, and pleated fabric manipulations to merge dissimilar materials and techniques.

Sullivan and HAA collaborated from the design’s initial concept through fabrication.  They studied sewing techniques, such as smocking and pleating, which provide both rigidity and flexibility to fabric.  Printed modules emulate the flexibility and repetition of smocking and transition into pleats that receive and manipulate the fabric.

Check out more about the AIA fashion show here: Bridget Sullivan Designs

Detroit Design Festival - AIA Celebration of Architecture + Fashion Show

Detroit Design Festival – AIA Celebration of Architecture + Fashion Show


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Park[ing] Day 2015

Parking Day Concept Idea

RogueHAA’s installation for Parking Day 2015 had two goals – first, to create a usable public amenity through the reclamation of vehicular real estate, and second to interject a bit of soft, green surfacing into the hard urban landscape. The undulating surface of the installation was created by carving block of foam off-site. Painted plywood provided a clean edge around the installation’s perimeter, and sod provided a surface for passerbys to sit and enjoy. The installation was fabricated off-site and assembled in a parking stall on Broadway in less than 20 minutes.

The team received compliments from adjacent businesses on their creativity, and local news took and interest too.

Check it out – MLIVE – RogueHAA Parking Day


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Structures for Inclusion Conference Exhibit


The LTU Architecture and Design Alumni Cabinet invites you to join in for a celebration of the accomplishments of the alumni in the public interest design realm. Rogue member and Lawrence Tech alumni, Romica Singh, will be exhibiting some of the ROGUEHAA work as part of this conference. Join us for the evening and enjoy refreshments, networking, exhibits on April 11-12th.

Eventbrite: LTUAlumni-sfi.eventbrite.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1378615095771442/

If you know anyone who would like to register to attend the full conference including the events downtown, they can do that at www.designcorps.org/sfi.




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PLATFORM D: Detroit Station for the Arts

RogueHAA recently participated in the “Detroit Station for the Arts” competition. It was intended to rehabilitate the abandoned Detroit’s central station to transform it into a hybrid building full of life, a center for the Arts. Detroit’s legacy was built on the consummation of art and imagination with technical ingenuity. The foresight and craft of Detroit’s past is resurfacing, and has found its arena. By activating Michigan Central Station, this proposal aims to cultivate an industry which is endemic to the city’s being.

Platform D is envisioned as an adaptive reuse development which converts the vacant train station into a hub of creative production. Hotel and residential units fill the ends of the building, while the central corridors are used for art/innovation studios. The 4th-6th floors are flexible use spaces which can host performances, over-sized installations or exhibits. The façade treatment on this floor is transparent, allowing the spaces’ program to be viewed from the street. The upper floors remain loosely programmed with a restaurant overlooking a garden and plaza along the central corridor. The iconic large arched windows remain without glazing to maintain the magnetism of its current condition. The station’s platforms are repurposed into a plaza which can be adapted to different uses. Modified boxcars can be used as art installation spaces and can be rolled into different locations. The plaza terminates in the return of the Amtrak Station.

A culture of production and creation is known globally as a symbol of Detroit, and has arrived at its new home, on PLATFORM D.

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DIFFA: Dining By Design 2014

RogueHAA was proud to participate in the 2014 DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) dining by design event, a non-profit event to raise money and bring awareness to HIV/AIDS. The event was held at the historic Federal Reserve Building at 160 W. Fort St., where guests were invited to participate in three days of activities including a silent art auction, a night of cocktails, and a gala dinner.

Dining by Design brings together a variety of international and local designers to create dining installations that awe, inspire, and delight. Each team was responsible for developing a dining installation that pushed the concept of using basic dining furniture such as tables, table settings, chairs, floors, lighting, including the vignette.

The concept was to define a space within a deconstructed cube using salvaged materials. This concept was reflected in the materials selected by the team – recycled PVC pipes were weaved into a delicate black lattice-patterned vignette. Sequentially, LED lights were strategically placed within the pipes to visually define the space by directing the visitor’s focus through illumination. The dining furniture reinforced the concept through carefully selected pieces.  The dining table was created by Workshop Detroit, who utilized reclaimed wood from vacated Detroit homes.

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